Redlands, CA, dentist offers cosmetic dentistry services

Imperfections of the smile can make patients feel self-conscious about their appearance. They may desire a more gorgeous, striking smile that gives them the self-confidence they need in socializing with others. Cosmetic dentistry services with Dr. Jennifer Nation of Redlands, California, can boost self-esteem and provide a radiant, attractive smile.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry, or “aesthetic dentistry,” is a field of dental work in which the focus is the appearance of the smile. While some conditions may impact the look of the teeth, they may not impact function or health. When patients are struggling with an imperfect smile, they will want to turn to a cosmetic dentist to discuss options for treatment to enhance their look—and their confidence.

What cosmetic services are available with Dr. Jennifer Nation?

  • Tooth-colored fillings – when cavities are found, it is important for patients to have fillings put in place to stop the decay and restore the function of the smile. Our team is pleased to offer tooth-colored fillings that blend in and are difficult to discern from natural tooth enamel.
  • Dental implants – missing teeth are often replaced using dental implants, which are placed by a specialized dental provider and restored at Brookside Smiles Dentistry. These restorations are a lifelong option or tooth replacement.
  • Dental crowns – porcelain materials are used to create dental crowns, which cover the exposed portion of a tooth. This may be done to cover a permanently stained tooth or to add an extra layer of protection to a weakened tooth.
  • Teeth whitening – professional teeth whitening can ensure a dazzling, whiter smile in as little as one day.
  • Porcelain veneers – the teeth near the front of the smile with imperfections can be covered using facings called porcelain veneers. These are bonded onto the front surface of a tooth to disguise problems such as spacing, chips, and cracks.

Are you interested in cosmetic dental care?

Connect with Dr. Jennifer Nation of Brookside Smiles Dentistry today to request a consultation visit with our team. We are committed to ensuring patients have access to solutions for their smile, whether it be a health concern, a functional approach, or aesthetic dentistry. Call (909) 300-9044 to learn more about a dental makeover with our team.