Rebuild and replace your damaged teeth with natural dental crowns and bridges in Redlands, CA

Today’s advanced dental science and technologies allow for portions of a tooth or an entire tooth to be recreated in a manner where dental crowns and bridges in Redlands, CA, at Brookside Smiles are indistinguishable from healthy and natural teeth.

Dental crowns

Sometimes, Dr. Jennifer Nation may find a filling is insufficient to adequately rebuild a decayed or damaged tooth. Dental crowns can provide just the support you need. So, you can enjoy the healthy function of your crowned tooth for years to come. The crown is made from a dental material that replicates the natural tooth enamel specifically, the crown or white part of the tooth that everyone sees above the gumline. At Brookside Smiles, we can make crowns and other types of tooth restoration while you wait from the comfort of our office. Our onsite CEREC machine designs, mills, and fabricates the crown from a quality block of dental ceramic. Adjustments can be made quickly due to our onsite capabilities. There is no need to wear a temporary crown while you wait for an outside lab ceramicist to make your dental restoration. A return visit is not necessary because the crown can be prepared, made, and placed in a single appointment.

Crowns may also be placed following root canal therapy to “save” a severely damaged or infected tooth. Likewise, crowns play an important role in the design of tooth replacement systems: conventional and implant-retained dental bridges.

Dental bridges

If you have gaps in your smile or your teeth cannot be restored with root canal therapy, there is at least one option. Dental bridges are made from two different components: the pontic or replacement tooth and abutments or crowned teeth on either side of a gap. The pontic relies on the abutment teeth to hold the replacement tooth in place. To ensure that the tooth is adequately supported, these neighboring teeth are crowned. All crowns require that a small amount of natural tooth structure be removed. That way, each crown can fit snugly over the reduced natural tooth. In a basic, three-unit dental bridge, the two crowns are fused to the pontic. This single piece “bridge” is then cemented or bonded securely to the abutments’ natural tooth structure. With the pontic in the middle, the bonded abutments effectively “bridge” the gap, replacing the missing tooth. Depending on your needs, additional teeth may be replaced. For instance, a front teeth bridge would require two pontics to replace the central incisors and two crowns placed over the abutment, lateral incisor teeth.

Instead of getting its support from neighboring, crowned teeth, the bridge may be stabilized in your mouth with dental implants placed in the jawbone. These artificial tooth roots may be used to retain a single tooth, many teeth, or bridges, or most (if not all teeth) as partial and complete dentures.

All treatments start with an examination. Call (909) 300-9044  to schedule your appointment with Dr. Nation at the Redlands, CA office of Brookside Smiles.