Obtaining a referral from Redlands, CA, dentist for dental implants

Speaking to a dentist about tooth replacement options may be a daunting, confusing experience for some patients. There are various ways in which patients can replace their missing or extracted teeth, and choosing the most appropriate solution takes time. Dr. Jennifer Nation of Brookside Smiles Dentistry encourages patients in the Redland, CA area who are facing tooth loss to take the time to learn more about the options available to them. Additionally, many will find that dental implants are a highly desirable solution in many situations.

Understanding dental implants

Dr. Jennifer Nation often recommends the placement and restoration of dental implants whenever possible. Dental implants are a replacement for a natural tooth root. These posts are small and made with titanium metal, commonly used for implants throughout the body due to its biocompatibility. Dental implants are placed into the bone of the jaw during an oral surgery with a dental implantologist, and Dr. Jennifer Nation can restore the abutment of the dental implant in many ways:

  • Dental crown โ€“ a single tooth can be replaced with a dental implant restored using a dental crown. A dental crown looks and functions like a natural tooth when attached to the abutment of the dental implant.
  • Dental bridge โ€“ a dental bridge is a common restoration for one or more teeth in a row that are missing. However, it requires adjacent teeth for support. Patients who do not have sufficient teeth in place to provide a dental bridge may consider one or two dental implants on each side to anchor them in place.
  • Dentures โ€“ patients with full tooth loss of all the teeth in the top and/or bottom dental arch might not care for traditional dentures, which require dental adhesives to put in place. Instead, these patients can ask about implant-retained dentures, which utilize dental implants along the dental arch for stability.

Are you thinking about dental implants to restore your smile?

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