Boost your sports game, protect your teeth with versatile professional mouthguards in Redlands, CA

As its name suggests, mouthguards in Redlands, CA, and elsewhere refer to oral appliances that “guard” or protect your mouth from injury and damage. However, the mouthguards designed and fitted by Dr. Jennifer Nation of Brookside Smiles go above and beyond protecting your teeth, jaws, and other oral structures. In some cases, they are also made to improve your athletic performance.

Types of mouthguards

There are many different oral appliances available at Dr. Nation’s office. For instance, these devices may be used to protect your teeth and dental restorations from teeth-grinding (a condition known as “bruxism”). Bruxers’ teeth are vulnerable to damage due to the excessive pressure that is placed on them from chronic grinding and clenching behaviors. Dr. Nation may suspect you are a bruxer if she finds signs of wear and tear on your teeth, such as chips and cracks. Restorations also tend to fail prematurely and may be vulnerable to further damage and reinfection due to cracks that allow harmful bacteria to seep into the tooth. When worn as directed, this mouthguard for sleeping can prevent costly damage that results in the need for restorative treatment, and repairs to or replacement of fillings, veneers, and crowns.

Oral appliance therapy may also be beneficial for Brookside Smiles’ patients who suffer from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders. This TMJ “mouthguard” may help to relax the jaw and ease muscle tension, which alleviates TMD symptoms such as chronic migraines, jaw stiffness, and tinnitus. Devices may also be used to reposition the jaws, which can help with habitual snoring and other forms of sleep-disordered breathing.

Guards can also be customized to your mouth to protect the teeth and jaws from injuries caused during sports and other physical activities. Notably, Dr. Nation also offers Under Armour Performance Mouthwear. These mouthpieces and mouthguards powered with proprietary ArmourBite Technology can reportedly improve you or your child’s sports performance level and endurance by up to 29%. This technology maintains optimal spacing and counteracts the negative effects that arise when jaws naturally clench during training and competition. ArmourBite unlocks your full potential by unlocking the power of your jaw.

Versatile therapy, effortless process

Regardless of your needs, be it a teeth grinding guard or sports guard, oral appliances are generally made from models of your mouth. These professional mouthguards are designed to conform optimally to your unique specifications, for an ideal fit, comfort, and precise and effective treatment. After the custom appliance is made, it slips over your teeth snugly yet not too snug. For more details, schedule an appointment with Dr. Nation at the Redlands, CA office. Call Brookside Smiles at (909) 300-9044.