Preserve your smile with therapy for damaged root canals in Redlands, CA

Dr. Jennifer Nation offers a powerful way to preserve badly damaged teeth: root canal therapy. She combines sophisticated technology with “Main Street”-style care to comfortably and precisely treat root canals in Redlands, CA, among patients who are suffering from pain and other symptoms of inflammation and infection.

Resolving tooth troubles

All treatments at Brookside Smiles start with an examination of your mouth. Dr. Nation uses safe and precision diagnostics to accurately detect abnormalities that may require restorative treatment. During this evaluation, Dr. Nation may identify that the dental pulp at the center of the tooth is injured or diseased. The pulp resides within canals, which extend downward like tree branches from the crown above the gumline to the roots in the jawbone. This soft tissue also contains nerves and blood vessels. When the tooth is developing, the pulp is vital. It provides nourishment. Once the tooth has matured, the pulp is no longer necessary. Yet, it can still present challenges to the health and structural integrity of the tooth.

When the pulp tissue becomes damaged due to decay, gum disease, old or faulty crowns, severe cracks, and other trauma, harmful bacteria may enter the innermost chamber of the tooth. From there, bacteria multiply, inflame, and infect the pulp. Patients with deep inflammation and infection may experience:

  • Extreme pain, especially when biting down on foods
  • Pus-filled pockets on the gums, which can be indicative of a serious infection or abscess
  • Persistent sensitivity after consuming hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Swelling and tenderness

Dr. Nation resolves pain and other debilitating symptoms quickly with root canal therapy. She uses the advanced DentalVibe system to enhance comfort during the procedure, without the use of pills, gas, or other sedatives that induce wooziness. Root canal treatment is also like a “deep cleaning” for the inside of your tooth. After Dr. Nation has removed bacteria and decayed tissues, she sterilizes and shapes the root canals. Afterward, the roots are sealed off with a filling material called “gutta-percha.” This step helps to prevent reinfection.

After the treatment site has healed, you will eventually return to Brookside Smiles. So, Dr. Nation can restore your tooth. For more details on how to save a “dying” tooth, call (909) 300-9044  to schedule an appointment at Brookside Smiles in Redlands, CA.