Here Are Some Top Reasons Why You Should Leave Store Whitening Options on The Counter and Choose a Professional Treatment

When your smile is no longer that radiant, white shade you work so hard to maintain, a professional teeth whitening treatment can be the answer to restoring its brilliance. Dr. Jennifer Nation and the team at Brookside Smiles in Redlands, California, offer take-home professional whitening kits. You may be wondering why you must go to the dentist for a take-home kit when you can visit the local drugstore. Let us look at why they are not the same and why you should leave these highly marketed products on the local store shelf.

Poor Fit

When you visit your local Redlands, California, dentist for a take-home whitening kit, the applicator trays will be crafted to fit your smile. This ensures that you will get dependable, even results every time. Compare this to over-the-counter whitening trays that market themselves as one size fits all. These products provide a mouthpiece that will need to be boiled and then molded to your teeth. This step is very inconsistent and can often result in uneven and lacking results.

Lack of Guidance

You will be provided limited instructions when you choose an over-the-counter whitening option. If it is not printed on the box or on the instructions within the box, you will likely be uncertain about how to use the product. Compare this to visiting your local dentist for a professional take-home whitening kit. When you take this route, you will be provided with all the components you need for a white smile, and your local dental team will be available whenever you have a question about the whitening treatment. You will never feel alone and never have to worry about uncertainty about how to use the treatment.

These are just a couple of common reasons why more people are choosing professional teeth whitening treatments through their dentist than relying on over-the-counter options.

If you want to learn more about take-home teeth whitening kits in Redlands, CA, please call Dr. Jennifer Nation of Brookside Smiles at (909) 300-9044.